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We address strategic, organizational, operational and technological issues, always with a focus of doing what is right for the client's business. We thrive to regularly create new initiatives that utilize the unique capabilities the firm has at its disposal. We always make an effort to conduct ourselves with Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Innovation and a Passion for Excellence – all integral parts of our core work values. Innovation is one of our core work values. We define ‘Innovation’ as meeting customer needs with unique solutions. Our approach to work is being innovative to bring improvements in the top line as well as the bottom line of an organization. Organizational transformation, by not only following international best practices but also innovating new ones, is one of our top work products.

Business Growth Planning

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We find in the market that many organizations are trying to expand their revenue base, but facing difficulties....

Enterprise Risk Management

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Every organization tries hard for growth and success. But, it does not come without hard efforts and consistent plans....

Technology Assurance

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This is the age of information. Information technology is improving and expanding its territory every day....

Design Lab

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Innovation in products and services is the first and strongest pillar on which a successful business operates....

Business Process Outsourcing

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process, to a third-party service provider....

Key Resources

Human resource is the biggest asset of an organization. It is now called human capital. For consulting and advisory services, human resource is THE CRITICAL asset to organize and run the business. As we understand it fully well, we have given focus on acquiring and developing talents and we facilitate them with all types of supports for nurturing creativity and demonstrating innovation in our products and services. We maintain a pool of experts from different domains and industries so that we may come up with new, effective and efficient ideas. We have managed to enroll a good number of consultants to work with us in addition to our permanent staffs (FTE). The following list gives the consultants along with their main functional areas:

  • R&D and product planning
  • Business growth planning
  • Marketing and branding
  • Sales & distribution
  • Customer services
  • Supply chain
  • Production planning & control
  • Quality management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal and regulatory affairs
  • Internal control & audit, systems and process audit
  • Information technology & business intelligence
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • SCADA and power management

Our Strategic Partners

We join hands with other companies to enhance capacity to address project scope and deliverables based on the situation and client requirements. We have strategic ties with the following firms:



  • Congratulating our strategic business alliance, CTrends, on its anniversary.... Read More
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  • Organized and successfully concluded the new years' employee conference on 2nd January 2017.
  • The birthday bash for Mr. Talat. Wishing him many happy returns.
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Mr. Amzad Hossain - Graphic Solutions Ltd.

Thanks for sending profile, I checked covering letter & profile I think it is OK. Specially covering letter is outstanding!

Mr. KB Mamoor - LOGIC Software Limited

Great technology insight, product plan and business strategy!

Mr. Quazi Mohiuddin - Fakir Fashion Limited

Thanks a lot, the contents are indeed insightful and professionally done!

Our Clientele

We have started commercial deployment. We have covered by this time some renowned organizations. We have experience of delivering to the following esteemed clients in Bangladesh:

Why Choose iMinds?

Our purpose is to bring exceptional people together to create value by making innovative contributions to our clients. We have a team of consultants having a diverse skill-set and work experience in both local and multinational organizations and exposure to relevant international best practices. We can help your business grow and achieve your business goals. Write to us now for more details at office@iminds-consulting.com.